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Koithara.com http://www.koithara.com/blog Sony Online ! ! ! Wed, 27 Aug 2008 05:26:14 +0000 http://wordpress.org/?v=abc en Sorry, you are out of ips to assign as nameservers - cPanel http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=27 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=27#comments Wed, 27 Aug 2008 05:25:49 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=27 In this case you will have to do the entire stuffs manually…..
Consider your domain name as : x.com, user: xcom and NS you need to assign : ns1.x.com & ns2.x.com

  1. Create DNS records for ns1.x.com as well as ns2.x.com
  2. Now, open the file : /var/cpanel/resellers-nameservers from shell and manually enter the following : (more…)

    ]]> http://www.koithara.com/blog/?feed=rss2&p=27 Generating CSR & Installing an SSL Certificate http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=25 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=25#comments Wed, 27 Feb 2008 11:01:58 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=25 ==> Use of SSL
    Normally data is sent unencrypted over Internet, which means anybody with certain tools can hack all your data. To pervent this from happening SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used to encrypt the data stream between the Web Server and the Web Client.

    ==> Types
    * Self Signed Certificate
    * Certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority(CA) buy cialisbuy cialisbuy levitrabuy levitrabuy propeciabuy propeciabuy somabuy somabuy levitrabuy cialisbuy propeciabuy levitrabuy somabuy cialisbuy propeciabuy levitrabuy somabuy cialisbuy levitrabuy propeciabuy soma

    Changing Bash Prompt http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=24 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=24#comments Wed, 06 Feb 2008 21:45:58 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=24 Change your prompt using the command :
    $ export PS1="[\u@\h \w]# "

    Various Options that can be used are:

    \a The ASCII bell character (you can also type \007)
    \d Date in “Sat Sep 04″ format (more…)

    Linux One Liners http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=22 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=22#comments Sat, 26 Jan 2008 16:08:03 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=22 Linux One Liners

    To find a list of all Open Ports
    $ netstat -tulpn

    Linux Disk Utilization Command
    $ vmstat -D (more…)

    Preventing Fork Bomb by limiting user process http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=21 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=21#comments Sat, 26 Jan 2008 15:32:14 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=21 Preventing Fork Bomb by limiting user process

    * This can be made possible by adding UserName/GroupName to /etc/security/limits.conf
    * An Example is :
    user        hard    nproc    300
    @group    hard    nproc    200

    * The user above can only have 300 processes and the group limit on group is set to 200

    Script to Copy a File to All Users Home Directory http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=20 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=20#comments Sat, 26 Jan 2008 15:22:03 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=20 #!/bin/bash

    strace - Powerful Debugging Tool http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=19 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=19#comments Thu, 24 Jan 2008 12:21:57 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=19 strace - A very very “Powerful Debugging Tool” for linux users

    From the manpage of strace
    strace is a useful diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool. System administrators, diagnosticians and trouble-shooters will find it invaluable for solving problems with programs for which the source is not readily available since they do not need to be recompiled in order to trace them. Students, hackers and the overly-curious will find that a great deal can be learned about a system and its system calls (more…)

    service httpd does not support chkconfig http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=18 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=18#comments Mon, 21 Jan 2008 16:16:55 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=18 Giving you : service httpd does not support chkconfig

    Try this out :-

    After compilation copy apachectl script as /etc/init.d/httpd
    Now, Open this file and add the following lines given below just after #!/bin/bash
    Make sure that you don’t uncomment the lines; “ONLY COMMENTED WORKS” {{Sounds Strange?? Better you try it out!}} (more…)

    MySQL Password Reset http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=17 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=17#comments Fri, 11 Jan 2008 05:01:21 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=17 To reset MySQL root Password

    1. Kill/Stop the MySQL Service
    # pkill mysql / /etc/init.d/mysqld stop

    2. Start mysql in safe mode (more…)

    Secure /tmp /var/tmp /dev/shm http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=16 http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=16#comments Fri, 11 Jan 2008 04:35:42 +0000 Sony Koithara http://www.koithara.com/blog/?p=16 Securing /tmp
    1. Make a /tmp Partition
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/tmpFS bs=1024 count=100000

    2. Make an ext3 filesystem for tmp
    mkfs.ext3 /dev/tmpFS (more…)